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Is a minimal website really better than a complicated website? Why are Minimal websites better?

This article explains the importance of Minimalism in website development. You’ll know the reason why a minimal website is better than a complicated one.

Have you ever came across a sentence which isn’t easy to understand?

Have you ever started watching a movie and stopped it midway because you weren’t able to understand it?

This happens because our brain is wired to understand easy things.

Our mind loves simplicity. It will try to find an easier shortcut for a complex problem.

When we talk about website development, the same principle applies.

Below is an example of a minimal website:

Kaneko’s website

Did you like the simplicity it has? A majority of users would like this interface.

A user would be more inclined to go through a website which is simple and clear than a website which is complex and hard to understand.

If you’ll take a look at Apple’s website or the interface of iOS, you’ll know that simplicity sells.

Apple India - Minimal website
Apple India’s website (

People engage more with the content which is presented in a simple way.

As more and more users interact with a brand’s website, there’s a high probability of getting conversions and sales which will result in a higher revenue.

We at Boxlemon love the idea of designing simple and clean visual experiences for a brand’s users. ‘Less is more’ is what we believe in.

If you would like to get a website designed for your business or self brand, we would be glad to help you with it. You can visit our Contact Us page here and fill in the form. We’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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Marion Silicio
Marion Silicio

Digital minimalism is the need of the hour.

Karlos Benicio
Karlos Benicio

Minimal website work is virtual mindfulness

Valencio Perrera
Valencio Perrera

Content simplification creates a easy hegemony of operation.