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About Us

Last Update: 5/6/2023 2:50:28 PM

Who are we?

Boxlemon was founded in 2020 by 3 members: Jude, Marcus and Kerry. We founded this business with a great desire as well as looking for opportunities to add value to our customers, we love interior design, appreciate the trust of our customers and always put the customer as the most important factor.

Jude and Marcus are two interior designers with over 10 years of experience, Kerry is a good architect in the industry, all three of them built this Boxlemon dream together.

Our Product

Our products always promote personalization for customers, suitable for personal use, in addition to aesthetic suitability, the product quality factor is also strictly controlled, we always check the product to achieve the highest and most perfect quality before reaching the customer.

The products that are brought to market are always trending products, but sometimes there are also products that highlight the unique personality of the customer, so we are confident that we can meet all of our customers' highest requirements.

Boxlemon Mission In The Future

We always wish to serve more customers with the highest quality, to always receive the trust and satisfaction from customers.

As for BOXLEMON, we are planning to expand the market as well as expand the sales scale, you can find us in many other cities, and on many online platforms, we are always available!

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